Dec, Art of Incorp, By-Laws & Covts

Community-Wide Standards
  • All driveways, sidewalks, curbs, fences and house siding is to be kept free of rust, oil marks and other stains.
  • Lots shall be free of dead trees, limbs, branches, fronds and leaves. All shrubs should be shaped and/or trimmed on an as needed basis.
  • Lawns, driveways, sidewalks and landscaping beds shall be maintained and be kept free of weeds. All landscaping beds visible from the street must be completely covered with landscaping material. All streets, driveways and sidewalks must be edged.
  • Lawns shall be free of patches, weeds, ruts or bare earth.
  • Lawns shall be fertilized and mowed as needed. In no event shall grass in lawns exceed four (4) inches in height.
  • No rubbish, trash or garbage shall be visible from the street. Trash cans should not be put out for pickup until the day/night of pick up and should be placed out of street view by the end of the day of pickup.
  • All fences shall be painted and/or stained in a color approved by the ARC. 
Thank you for keeping our community beautiful!

Remote Use and Gate Code Access Policy (Exhibit D amended March 31, 2017)
  • Owners are reminded not to give out their personal gate codes. By accepting the issuance of a code, residents agree to the BOD policy of its use by your family only.
  • To gain access, visitors to our community must use the control box located by the gatehouse on the outside entrance lane.
  • They will scroll to your name or type in the 3-digit code assigned to your name and then press the call button.
  • This will ring your home phone or number you designate to us.
  • If you are having a function at your home or have  contracted for a service to come to your home, you should instruct them to call your home from the gate using the control box so you can permit them access.
  • After you identify the caller, you can open the outer gate by pressing 9 on your touch-tone phone.

Channel 5-1 (or 800 with a cable box) on your TV (WOW only) can be used to view and confirm identities of individuals entering through the gate.

For the security of all residents, we have a digitally recorded video system with multiple cameras covering the front gates and tennis court.

                           Misuse of your gate code will result in the deletion of your assigned code.

Email: [email protected] if you need a temporary code for contractors or have other questions.

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